November 13, 2012

HN saved us millions; we need to change our name

We just launched our Kickstarter and we’d sincerely appreciate your support.


We need your help. We’re super bummed, but we need to change the name of our company, and quickly. 

Since none of this would be possible without your support, we wanted to open the process up to you and your ideas.

We need to make a decision this week. We’re starting the conversation over on Facebook, but feel free to leave a comment if you prefer.

Here’s what happened:

We launched our Kickstarter campaign four days ago. We emailed all our friends and HackerNews picked up our blog. The combination of the incredible community there, and the support of our friends, drove us past our funding goal in under two hours… and then doubled it just one hour later! You guys kept contributing, and by the end of the day we hit $16K in pledges… making the first day of From Holden five times the next highest first day for any fashion project on Kickstarter, ever.

And then this happened…

…… fuck. 

James and I grew up in a town in Maine called Holden, so the name meant a lot to us. A couple months ago someone had mentioned the Holden snowboarding company. We did some research on trademark fair use, and ultimately agreed that because Holden was a geographic area, and because we weren’t doing outerwear or snowboard gear, and because our clothes won’t have any visible logos, there’d be no chance a consumer would confuse the brands. A handful of people* on HackerNews pointed out that it might be more of a conflict than anticipated.

Counsel at the other Holden didn’t share our conclusion, either. Are they right? I’m not sure… but it doesn’t matter. We always want to do the right thing. The guys at Holden Outerwear have spent a bunch of years pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into their company, and if they think we’ll do harm to what they’ve built, there is no way we can move forward with the name. 

When they emailed, we checked them out. Check their website here if you’re interested: www.holdenouterwear.com

Not only do they seem like really rad guys, but they’re also making some killer gear. Ironically, they’re right down the road from us, and one of their founders, Mikey, is not only also from Maine, but he lives in Venice, where we’re based. Crazy world.

So, what are we looking for in a name? 

We’d really like it to be in some way connected to our mission — to craft the very best version of everything we make. To build with a minimalist aesthetic, and deliver quality at a fair price, directly to our customer. 

Other than that, we’re completely open to any ideas! 

* Thanks dustinupdyke, mthoms, hornbaker, smiler, garmentguru, and acdanger for the heads up on HN! And thanks to @sachinag for the quick advice!

We just launched our Kickstarter and we’d sincerely appreciate your support.


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